Bag of Meth Found by 11-Year-Old in Used Copy of GTA V

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Bag of Meth Found by 11-Year-Old in Used Copy of <i>GTA V</i>

There’s long been a largely unfounded fear that particularly graphic and violent videogames such as Grand Theft Auto are corrupting our youth. And there have been lawsuits claiming as much that have been tossed out in the time it takes to steal a car in San Andreas, because there’s no real proof that a game such as GTA is putting kiddos in jeopardy.

Well … uh … this past Sunday, an 11-year-old kid in Havana, Fla. (yes, of course it’s Florida) found a plastic bag of meth in a used copy of Grand Theft Auto V at a West Tallahassee GameStop. Yes, meth. Actual meth in a little plastic baggie. (No, it wasn’t blue.)

Kayla McAllister’s son found the meth as he and his mother were trading in games and buying a used copy of the Rockstar release. Anyone that’s had to go through that swapping process knows that it can take some time (there’s somehow always a scratch on at least one game), so McCallister’s son decided to flip through the game manual when he found a bag of “fucking meth!” as his mother later put it in a Facebook post.

The police had to be called and a report filed about the meth in question. And GameStop’s PR Team has said that the company is “extremely concerned that this incident occurred, and are working with the local police department to support them in their investigation.”

As Kotaku, who first broke the story, pointed out: This isn’t the first time this has happened in the past year. In September 2016, another 11-year-old at another GameStop in Lake Charles, La., found another bag of meth. McAllister also addressed that fact in her Facebook post and said that she’s “pissed that they let it happen again.”

No word on whether Trevor Philips had anything to do with this.