The Best Unlockable Weapons and Gadgets in Hitman 2

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The Best Unlockable Weapons and Gadgets in <i>Hitman 2</i>

Every mission in Hitman 2 is like a living, breathing puzzle full of secrets and shortcuts to be found and exploited. Half of the fun of tackling these levels is figuring out the different paths, or even making brand new ones yourself by cleverly utilizing the various gadgets and weapons you have at your disposal. Along with what’s on offer in each level, there’s also a large collection of unlockable items that can be brought into the map as well, giving you even more options and potentially opening up new avenues depending on the loadout you take with you.

Before you can make use of these extra items, you’ll first have to unlock them through several different methods. The catch is that there are quite a few items available to take into each level and you’re only allowed to bring a maximum of two items on each attempt, although that can be stretched to three by using smuggled stashes chosen during the planning phase. With so many options available, we thought we’d give you a few pointers on which gadgets and weapons prove most useful, as well as how you go about unlocking them.

Lockpick Mk II – Level 2 Mastery (Miami)

This isn’t an item you’ll have to actively work towards to unlock, as simply finishing one or two of the story missions in Miami will net you enough mastery points to acquire the lockpick. With that said, this handy tool is an essential addition to most loadouts, perhaps even more so than it was in the last game. The number of locked doors barring entry to vital areas is significantly higher in the sequel, and taking this little thing along for the ride will save you a lot of time and effort from trying to find alternative routes and potentially ruining a successful mission in the process.

The lockpick itself isn’t detected by frisks, which is handy as you’ll quite often find yourself deep inside hostile territory looking for a way out, only to be blocked by a locked door or gate. With that said, you should be weary of using this item in front of any witnesses as lockpicking a door is unsurprisingly frowned upon by most individuals. A good tactic is to take the lockpick as the smuggled third item, choosing to ship it towards an area near your starting zone, as this won’t raise suspicion if you pick it up or carry it in front of any nearby individuals.

Remote EMP Charge – Complete 3 Mission Story Challenges (Mumbai)

Remote EMP HITMAN 2.jpg

The Remote EMP Charge is an effective way to take out most electronic devices without being in the same room as them. This little tool can disable a variety of things including fuse boxes, CCTV security terminals, and door keycard scanners, to name a few. What’s more, since the charge is remotely triggered, with a little planning this gadget lets you create the perfect distractions from afar, and even lets you interact with certain equipment from a distance. For example, if there’s a CCTV recording that you need to destroy trapped behind a particularly stubborn group of patrolling guards, you could simply throw the EMP charge into the room towards the terminal and detonate it, destroying the evidence without ever getting close.

Unlocking the Remote EMP Charge is fairly simple. All you have to do to get your hands on this little gadget is to complete the three listed story mission challenges, which consists of Broad Strokes, Picture Perfect and A Dress To Die For. Once those three are out of the way, your new toy will be available to select during the planning phase.

ICA Remote Taser – Complete 3 Mission Story Challenges (Santa Fortuna)

This item has more of a specific use than the others on this list as it’s not particularly effective as a way to take out opponents. What it is useful for is completing the challenges that require you to take out targets with electricity, as having these on hand allows you to bypass the need to find alternative methods in the map itself. While it isn’t the intended use, the mine itself can also be used as a non-lethal throwing weapon in a pinch, allowing you to do a ranged takedown in a tricky situation.

To unlock the ICA Remote Taser you will first have to complete the three story mission challenges found in the challenge list for Santa Fortuna. These include Hallowed Ground, Deadly Art and Heart Of Stone. All three challenges are straightforward and simple to complete, so it shouldn’t take too long to get these finished off.

Kalmer 1 Tranquilizer – Complete 3 Mission Story Challenges (Whittleton Creek)

Kalmer 1 Tranq HITMAN 2.jpg

If you find yourself unintentionally reaching for 47’s trusty silverballer on a regular basis to solve your problems, then you might want to look into the non-lethal alternative: the Kalmer 1 Tranquilizer. Despite only coming loaded with two rounds, this sleepy alternative lets you take out any targets from a short to medium distance discreetly, with the added bonus that you won’t lose any points for murdering a helpless individual that was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. While the two round maximum isn’t ideal, if you’re going for a run that avoids collateral casualties then you probably won’t have much use for any of the standard weapons anyway, so there isn’t much to lose by swapping the tranquilizer gun into your primary weapon slot.

To get your hands on the Kalmer 1 Tranquilizer you will first need to complete the three mission story challenges in Whittleton Creek. These include House For Sale, An Apple A Day and Breadcrumb Trail. Once you’ve successfully finished all three of these challenges the tranquilizer pistol will appear in your loadout screen as a primary weapon option.

ICA Remote Micro Audio Distraction – Level 20 Mastery (Santa Fortuna)

The ICA Remote Micro Audio Distraction device allows you to setup an audible lure in the middle of a busy area without attracting the attention of any passing individuals. Since no one will raise the alarm or confiscate the device, this makes it the perfect gadget for creating small opportunities in otherwise impenetrable areas. This is especially useful when trying to perform anything illegal in some of the more built up areas, like the slums in Mumbai or the bar area in the Isle of Sgail. To make the most of this item you will need to have a good knowledge of the patrols and behavior of the people in the area, but if you’re trying to do something specific then this little distraction device can open up a lot of possibilities.

To unlock the remote distraction device, you’re going to have to reach a mastery level of 20 in Santa Fortuna, which may take some time. The quickest way to do this is the focus on completing the story missions first, and then start working your way through some of the easier and more obscure challenges first. Completing the level with a Silent Assassin rating will help towards your mastery level too.

Electronic Key Hacker – Level 7 Mastery (Isle of Sgail)

Some of Hitman 2’s levels are riddled with electronic doors that require the right keycard to open. While there’s always a non-conventional way to circumvent these obstacles, having a handful of the Electronic Key Hacker gadgets on hand can be a great way to cut down on unnecessary risks and grant you access to seemingly inaccessible areas without going hunting for the key. These hacking devices aren’t perfect, however, as they are consumed on use and you’re only given a total of three to use throughout each attempt. Using the device is also considered a suspicious activity and will cause witnesses to raise the alarm if you’re spotted using them.

To unlock the Electronic Key Hacker tool you will need to reach level 7 mastery on the Isle of Sgail mission. You can do this by completing the level’s full list of story missions, which are fairly easy to do with the guide pointing you in the right direction. Once you’ve finished all of the story missions, you should be sitting at mastery level 8, and the hacking tool will be available in the gadget section in the planning phase.

Sieger 300 Tactical – Level 10 Mastery (Isle of Sgail)

Sieger 300 Tactical HITMAN 2.jpg

The Sieger 300 Tactical sniper rifle is an essential weapon if you plan on tackling the sniper challenges across all of the game’s levels. Not only is it silenced, allowing you to easily navigate each level after taking your shot, but it also comes with a variable scope that allows you to zoom in much further and take more accurate shots than its fixed scope counterparts. The Sieger also comes with the Marksman perk, which slightly slows down time while aiming, allowing you to more precisely hit your targets. Out of all the sniper rifles on offer, the Sieger is the most versatile and effective, even without the Piercing perk that other rifles carry which lets you shoot through bodies to hit multiple targets with a single bullet.

To unlock the Sieger 300 Tactical rifle you will need to reach a mastery level of 10 on the Isle of Sgail mission. You can easily get to mastery level 8 by following the story mission guides, which will walk you through each step without much issue. Once you’ve done these, you should try to focus on completing some of the easier 1000 xp and 2000 xp challenges to bump up your mastery the last couple of levels. Once you’ve reached level 10, the sniper rifle will be available to select from the mission planning screen.

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