Explore a Beautiful but Deadly Colombian Jungle in New Hitman 2 Trailer

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Explore a Beautiful but Deadly Colombian Jungle in New <i>Hitman 2</i> Trailer

While Hitman 2 will offer you the freedom to pull off assassinations through numerous creative methods, it will also give you the liberty of embarking on an adventure that will take you to different locales—including a “dark and dangerous” jungle in Colombia.

According to a press release from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, “Located in the heart of a Colombian rainforest, the remote village of Santa Fortuna welcomes tourists to enjoy its relaxed atmosphere—but it also hides an intricate set of caves and ruins near the Delgado Cartel’s extravagant mansion and coca fields.”

As the trailer shows, Santa Fortuna will offer a breadth of possibilities for you to explore as an assassin. The clip shows the player character donning a raincoat to blend in with the locals, hiding among the vegetation to conduct a successful stealthy takedown, and even a satisfying example of how to use the environment to accomplish your mission. It’s exciting to see the Hitman franchise focus on not just incorporating a larger scale, but also adding more depth to the things you can do in its world.

Hitman 2 will be available for PlayStation 4, the Xbox One family of devices (including the Xbox One X) and PC on Nov. 13.

Watch the game’s new trailer here.