If You Squint Hard Enough, You Can See The Atom in This Injustice 2 Trailer

Games Video Injustice 2
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Shrinking powers are cool now, see? We’ve all seen that Ant-Man movie. And with DC’s The Atom having a big role in Legends of Tomorrow, it makes sense that we’re seeing more of the size-changing superhero these days. NetherRealm confirmed that The Atom will appear as a downloadable character in their fighting game Injustice 2.

The Atom reveal trailer (embedded above) shows off many of the superhero’s abilities, with fighting moves that utilize his incredible shrinking powers (and in one instance, his ability to grow). “I’ve still got a small advantage,” The Atom quips—we’re quite disappointed that we haven’t thought of that one-liner before.

As the description of the video explains, this Atom is Ryan Choi, taking the mantle of the most well-known Atom, Ray Palmer, after his mysterious disappearance. There’s no exact release date on the character as of yet, but expect to see him smash atoms and whatnot after the full release of the pack including Raiden, Hellboy and Black Manta.