The Gang Goes Mobile in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Mobile Game

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<i>The Gang Goes Mobile</i> in <i>It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia</i> Mobile Game

This September, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia barrels into its thirteenth season, and since apparently the FXX comedy—which premiered, we kid you not, in the year of our lord 2005—isn’t omnipresent enough, it’s getting a mobile game to ensure that you can always carry the gang in your back pocket.

In It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile, players team up with the gang to participate in the poorly planned money-making schemes that helped us fall in love with these debaucherous, backstabbing characters in the first place. The game allows you to launder money with Mac, Dennis and Dee, or help Charlie carry out Frank’s dirty work. Like any good degenerate, the more crimes you commit, the more characters and additional schemes you’ll unlock.

The game was created by Foxnext Games and East Side Games, and will be available for free via the App Store and Google Play later this year. Check for updates here. Sunny itself returns to FXX on Sept. 5.

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