Jeff Goldblum Will Be Your Guide Through Jurassic World Evolution

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Jeff Goldblum Will Be Your Guide Through <i>Jurassic World Evolution</i>

Frontier Developments’s dino-centric theme park simulator Jurassic World Evolution hits store shelves this summer, but an announcement made by the company on Tuesday is making fans wish it would come sooner. Frontier revealed that American treasure Jeff Goldblum will return to the role of Dr. Ian Malcolm and, as he says in the video announcing his inclusion in the project, “be with you the whole game.”

Goldblum appeared genuinely excited, in his own distinct way, for the project, which he gives his highest rating: “Ten Goldblums out of a possible ten Goldblums.” A press release from Frontier states that Dr. Malcolm “guides players through the moral choices and tactical decision that will test their building and management skills as they attempt to successfully run their own Jurassic World.”

The actor’s inclusion in the game coincides with his return to the film franchise this summer in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. A specific release date has not been announced for the game, but fans of the series are due for a serious infusion of Goldblum this summer.

Check out the announcement video below.