Laura Bailey Joins the Cast of Black Mask's Godkiller Videogame

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Laura Bailey Joins the Cast of Black Mask's <i>Godkiller</i> Videogame

Ubiquitous voice actor and Critical Role star Laura Bailey is the latest newcomer to the expansive transmedia world of Godkiller. Matteo Pizzolo’s series has thrived in comics and animation since debuting in 2008, and will soon enter the world of videogames through Black Mask Entertainment’s new gaming division. Bailey, who you might’ve heard in The Last of Us Part II or literally hundreds of other games and animated series, will voice one of Godkiller’s most popular characters, Halfpipe. She joins a cast that also includes Aya Cash of You’re the Worst and The Boys, in a game written by Pizzolo himself.

Halfpipe is probably the biggest breakout character of the Godkiller comics and animation, a fan favorite anti-hero who has graduated from harvesting organs to hopping through time as a powerful sorceress. Godkiller’s upcoming videogame debut promises to be a “dark-fantasy videogame about a team of anti-heroes who’ve survived their world’s descent into dystopia and undertake a vendetta against the cruel men and strange deities responsible for the end of the world,” and it definitely sounds like sorcery, time traveling, and organ stealing would be useful skills to have in that scenario.

Laura Bailey

The upcoming game will be the first from Black Mask, a company that Pizzolo formed with Steve Niles and Bad Religion’s Brett Gurewitz in 2012 to publish comics and graphic novels outside the world of corporate publishing. In addition to Pizzolo’s Godkiller, Black Mask has published comics like We Can Never Go Home, Kim & Kim, BLACK, and Pizzolo’s Calexit. The most recent Godkiller series, Godkiller: Tomorrow’s Ashes, is the best-selling comic in Black Mask’s history, making the franchise a pretty obvious pick for the company’s first foray into gaming. The latest Godkiller series, Godkiller: For Those I Love I Will Sacrifice, will hit comic book shops on Sept. 7. The game will be made under the company’s Black Mask Entertainment production arm, which also has two dozen series and features based on Black Mask properties in development.

There’s no timeline yet for the Godkiller game, but with pros like Bailey and Cash on board, you know it’ll be well-acted.