Lego The Incredibles Launching in June

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<i>Lego The Incredibles</i> Launching in June

Pixar’s long-awaited sequel The Incredibles II hits theaters this summer, and its release will be joined by the Parr family’s first foray into the long-running series of Lego videogames with Lego The Incredibles. Developer TT Games announced the latest addition to their library of licensed action-adventure games on Wednesday, which will place players in the spandex-laden shoes of The Incredibles, Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible, Dash and Violet, as well as series favorite Frozone, in a two-player cooperative adventure spanning both films in the series.

The game will put special emphasis on teamwork, much like the films, relying on player cooperation to deliver special attacks and construct specific Lego builds. “There are new ways for the family members to come together and use their separate powers to build these new amazing Lego builds … family teamwork is critical in kind of everything we’re doing,” said TT Games executive producer Nick Ricks, speaking to IGN.

The title will continue the trend of including an expansive roster of characters, and Lego The Incredibles uses that tool to highlight many of the briefly featured Supers in the original film through TT Games’ own development and Pixar’s decision to build out every Super within the universe. “We’ve been able to tap into that incredibly rich resource and bring all these Supers to life. And Pixar’s amazed by this because they’re so thorough. They go through so much detail,” said Ricks.

Fans will be able to get their hands on Lego The Incredibles when it launches for consoles and PC on June 15, the same day The Incredibles II hits theaters. Check out the first trailer for the game below.