The Second Episode of Life is Strange 2 Will be Released in January 2019

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The Second Episode of <i>Life is Strange 2</i> Will be Released in January 2019

On Nov. 29, the Life is Strange 2 development team revealed that the season’s second episode, titled “Rules,” will be released at some point in January 2019.

No exact date was given in the post over on the official Life is Strange Tumblr. The team has stated that more information will be revealed in mid-December.

“The Life is Strange series is a project close to all of our hearts and one for which we do not want to rush development and thereby fail to meet the benchmark of quality and emotional impact that you, our players, deserve,” the team writes. “This is why we so far have not announced an official release date—we want to ensure that we will be in a position to release something that we are proud of and that you will enjoy and remember forever.”

The team goes on to explain that fans of the first season might have expected episodes to come out at a similar frequency to the release schedule of the first season’s episodes. “The ambition of Life is Strange 2, however, means that the previous frameworks no longer apply if we are to meet the quality of play and storytelling that our vision for a game like this demands and that you deserve.”

We reviewed the first episode of Life is Strange 2, praising it as a solid start to this new season. The ways in which it boldly tackles subject matter like racism and police brutality head-on are refreshing, and how it highlights two Latinx boys living in today’s political climate is powerful, so we look forward to whatever comes next for the Diaz brothers.

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