Lucah: Born of a Dream Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch in July

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<i>Lucah: Born of a Dream</i> Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch in July

Lucah: Born of a Dream, last year’s highly regarded action-adventure game, is coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer. The announcement came via a new trailer on Thursday afternoon.

Per the official description, “Lucah: Born of a Dream is a character-action game about finding oneself. As the Marked Child, you must traverse repressed memories and unspeakable feelings to waste to the Nightmares in a flurry of beautiful violence.” There’s swordplay and elemental magic, amounting to a familiar character-RPG action system.

While the combat certainly looks frenetic, the game’s art style really sets Lucah apart. Existing somewhere between a chalkboard and a melting VHS tape, the game looks impressionistic and minimalistic in equal measure. Slashes and slices are accentuated by technical glitches, and the isometric camera angle is given new depth by the jittery line work.

All told, Lucah: Born of a Dream looks like another unique addition to the Switch’s ever-expanding library. The game is currently available on PC and comes to the Switch on July 3. Watch the Switch announcement trailer below.