New Mass Effect: Andromeda Video Breaks Down the Tempest and Nomad

Games Video Mass Effect
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The latest video “briefing” from EA’s Andromeda Initiative site gives us a long, detailed look at the design and inner workings of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s new vehicles, the Tempest and Nomad.

Salarian Tempest pilot Kallo Jath gives the rundown of his trusty vessel, saying while it’s not quite equipped for intense combat, it’s speed and stealthiness makes it best in its class. He then details the Nomad, the ship’s agile and durable deployable rover.

The all-terrain vehicle is the successor to the often-maligned Mako from the first Mass Effect game, though developer BioWare has assured players that the handling of the new rover should win any Mako-haters over. Players will be able to customize their Nomad with “paintjobs based on [the player’s] surroundings.” The video also briefly showed off the new mining drones the Nomad can deploy to draw resources from planets.

EA and BioWare announced Mass Effect: Andromeda’s release date of March 21 last week before unveiling two new minutes of gameplay footage at NVIDIA’s CES press conference. According to a tweet from the game’s lead designer, details regarding a multiplayer beta could be announced soon. Find that below, and stay tuned to Paste for more details on BioWare’s forthcoming sci-fi RPG as they’re released.