PSA: Mass Effect 2 Is Free On PC Right Now

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PSA: <i>Mass Effect 2</i> Is Free On PC Right Now

Stop what you’re doing. Mass Effect 2 is currently free on Origin.

If you’ve somehow missed out on playing the critically acclaimed second entry in the popular sci-fi trilogy, EA is allowing you to remedy that (for a limited time) via their On the House promotion. All you need to do is have an Origin account, click download and it’s yours to keep.

The game was previously and briefly free on Dec. 20, though it wasn’t officially a part of the On the House promotion. The standard edition of the game normally costs players $19.99, though it often runs for less on places like Steam.

Also, it should be noted: the download is not accompanied by any of the game’s DLC. So if you want to experience, say, the much-loved Lair of the Shadow Broker, you’ll actually need to pony up a little cash.

It also might be the perfect time for you to discover or rediscover the Mass Effect universe, as the release date for the much-anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda, March 21 in the U.S. and March 23 internationally, was announced yesterday. You can check out the trailer that debuted shortly after during NVIDIA’s CES conference here.