Watch A Blindfolded Man Beat Mike Tyson's Punch-Out

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I am a genuine man with a wife and a mortgage and over three decades of gaming under my now ample belt, and yet I have never beaten Mike Tyson. I can get to him pretty consistently, but even with knowing how to quick dodge and how to counter punch and the secret of the winks and the blinks I still can’t take Iron Mike out. He decimates me every time.

And then over here you’ve got this joker licking the entire game with a Bruins toboggan over his eyes.

Maybe there’s chicanery here. Perhaps there’s a friend off camera who’s actually playing the game. Maybe there’s a mirror that he can see through his hat. And he admits to using an emulator, which is obvious, as he’s playing the Tyson version of the game with a Wii remote, and the Virtual Console version is the non-Tyson one featuring Mr. Dream. Still, if this kid is on the level, this is one of the finest feats in the storied history of videogame pugilism.