Terry Crews Knows What the World Needs: For Nintendo's Mother 3 to Be Localized

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Terry Crews Knows What the World Needs: For Nintendo's <i>Mother 3</i> to Be Localized

Terry Crews is officially a gamer, seeing as he’s now gone through the rite of passage we all do, and continued one of gaming’s longest-running memes.

Nintendo’s Mother 3, the sequel to the legendary role-playing game known in America as Earthbound, and a game sort of lost to time, was never localized for audiences outside of Japan, so it never really made it out to the west, at least officially. While unofficial translations exist, for seemingly ever now, folks who play videogames have been clamoring for Nintendo to localize the game and release it so we can play an official version of it rather than emulate it. There’s also a longstanding rumor that the former head of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, has the sole localized copy of Mother 3, which he was more than happy to joke about earlier this month.

I’ve never seen so many people want to pay for something they can get for free (through unscrupulous means), but there it is. Nintendo, the ball’s in your court, guys, and this time Terry Crews served it up to you. Maybe just do the thing already.