Nintendo Announces 2DS Bundle Days After New 2DS XL Launch

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Nintendo Announces 2DS Bundle Days After New 2DS XL Launch

Just days after the launch of the New Nintendo 2DS XL, Nintendo has announced that the standard 2DS family will be getting another bundle—with a very good Mario game, to boot.

Due out Aug. 25, this red and white-clad, kid-friendly block will hit the market at $80. Included in its bundle is 2012’s ever-spectacular New Super Mario Bros. 2. It has all the side-scrolling fun of saving Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches as the first Mario titles, but with over 80 different levels to conquer.

Nintendo’s been clear about their intent for the 2DS to be marketed towards young kids getting into gaming, but with the recent launch of the 2DS XL model, it’s curious why it’s diverting attention away from the new model. It’s got all the durability of the standard 2DS, but with the form and function of the New 3DS, which just recently ceased production.

Either way, this bundle is bringing back an oldie, but a goodie. It’s at a really budget-friendly price and opens up the bundle variety to more than just Mario Kart 7. If you’re looking for an affordable way in for yourself or your little ones, now might be the time to hop on in.