From NX to Switch: Game Console Code Names Throughout History

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From NX to Switch: Game Console Code Names Throughout History

Everyone loves secrets. Whether you’re trying to keep a surprise birthday party under wraps or you’re an undercover spy trying to sneak the microfiche out the base of your sworn enemy, we’ve all felt that combination of drama, apprehension and excitement when trying to keep something under wraps. When you have a secret, you often use doublespeak to conceal what you’re actually doing, and companies are no different. Hence the use of code names when developing new hardware.

Rumors began swirling in early 2015 about Nintendo’s next project. Code named the NX, there were murmurs about whether it’d be some kind of mobile platform, if it would keep up graphically with other current generation consoles, and whether Nintendo would use another unique gimmick after the Wii and the Wii U. Almost two years later, last November, Nintendo formally announced that the console previously known as the NX would officially be called the Switch. Tonight we’ll find out even more about the system formerly known as the NX, but before then let’s take a look back on the code names of the consoles we’ve known throughout gaming’s history.

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Code Name: Whitebelt/Blackbelt/Dural/Katana/Guppy/Shark

Final Name: Sega Dreamcast

Having almost the most codenames of anything I've ever seen, the Dreamcast started life in development in Japan as Whitebelt then changed to Guppy and then to Katana. In America it was called Blackbelt, followed by Dural, and finally also landing on Katana. They should've stuck with the Dural name to give it a feeling of a mother who's been turned into a cyborg killing machine.
Did anyone else pay attention to the story in Virtua Fighter? No? Just me? Okay, moving on.