Among Us, Spelunky 2 and More Announced for Switch in Nintendo Indie World Showcase

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<I>Among Us</I>, <I>Spelunky 2</I> and More Announced for Switch in Nintendo Indie World Showcase

Nintendo streamed a new Indie World Showcase on Tuesday, announcing games both new and old that are coming to the Nintendo Switch console soon. If you missed the densely-packed 15 minute stream, we’ve got you covered with every game announced and when they’re releasing.

Spelunky 1 and 2

The action platforming game Spelunky and its sequel Spelunky 2 are set to release on Switch in Summer of 2021. Players take on the role of an archeologist seeking to uncover both treasure and secrets hidden deep underground in these games by Mossmouth.


This action brawler by Rogue Games pits up to four feline fighters against one another in pawesome combat. Players can customize their cat, use household items and the environment to gain the moral and physical edge on their opponents. With both online and local multiplayer, Fisti-fluffs is set to release in early 2021 for the Switch.

Very Very Valet

Get behind the wheel of some very hard-to-drive cars and figure out how to park them in this valet simulating party game. Up to four players can earn some measly tips together when this game by Toyful launches in Early 2021.


Tunche features a Hand Drawn world modeled after the Amazon rainforest, where players fight off baddies in their search for the legendary beast, Tunche. Featuring beat ‘em up combat, players can make use of multiple abilities and combat techniques in their quest for the titular beast. Tunche by Leap Games is coming to switch in March of 2021.

Cyber Shadow

This action platformer by Yacht Club Games features retro pixel graphics and sees the player take on the role of a ninja trying to get his clan back together. With a dozen mechanical bosses to fight, and a dozen ninjas to save, players will have their hands full in this game releasing on Jan. 26, 2021.


If instead of fighting with cats, you’d rather relax with them, Calico is the game for you. This pastel-colored community simulator has the player fill a cafe with charming furniture and treats to attract some kitty customers. By White Thorn Games, Calico will be available for download on Switch later today.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Join Alba as she sets out with her grandpa and friend to save the wildlife of a Mediterranean island. Recruit island dwellers to help you pick up trash, save and track wildlife and more in this game by ustwo games. Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is releasing on Switch in spring of 2021.


Gnosia answers the question, “what if you wanted to read Among Us?” This visual novel with social deduction elements can last anywhere between five and fifteen minutes, and asks the player to figure out which of their crewmates is the Gnosia (imposter). Gnosia by Petit Depotto will be available on Switch early next year.

Happy Game

Happy Game, despite its name, is not a happy game. This psychedelic horror game sets the player as a young boy who experiences a terrible nightmare, and must solve a series of scary puzzles to get out. Happy Game by Amanita Design is coming to Switch in Spring 2021.

Super Meat Boy Forever

Take on the flesh of Meat Boy once again as he runs across buzzsaw laced fields in his quest to save the day. This Super Meat Boy game differs from its predecessor in that it is an auto-runner, asking the player to think about jumping and dodging while their character moves on their own. This Team Meat game is coming to Switch as a console launch exclusive on Dec. 23.


By Capybara Games, the iOS hit Grindstone mixes up the tile-matching genre with some RPG elements. Smash enemies to rack up combos and gain grindstones, which you can use to upgrade your gear and make your way further up Grindstone mountain. Grindstone is coming later today as a console launch exclusive for Switch, so now you can find out why it’s one of our favorite games on Apple Arcade.

Among Us

Among Us, that game by Innersloth LLC where there is an imposter amongst your spaceship crew, is making its way to Switch later today.

Honorable Mentions

While these games weren’t fully showcased, they and their release dates were mentioned. When the past was around by Chorus Worldwide Games will be available later today, Kosmokrats by Modern Wolf is coming early 2021, Hoa by PM Studios is slated for April 2021, Hazel Sky by Another Indie will release in March 2021, Trash Sailors by tinyBuildGames is sailing onto Switch in spring 2021 and Finding Paradise by X.D. Network Inc. will be available in Spring 2021.

You can check out the full stream below.