Ranking the Sixth Wave of Nintendo Amiibos

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Ranking the Sixth Wave of Nintendo Amiibos

Has it really been four months since we last ranked Nintendo Amiibos? We’ve been so busy trying to track down all the ones released in the sixth wave to actually write about them. The time has come, though, and after extensive debate we can finally share our definitive rankings of the sixth wave with you.

Okay, the grand Amiibo madness has abated some what. It wasn’t especially difficult to find most of this sixth wave when it was first released, and some stores like GameStop have been able to restock most of these characters after that initial sell-out. The Retro 3-Pack, which we’re including here because it came out only a couple of weeks after the sixth wave, has never been hard to find, despite being exclusive to one retailer (uh, GameStop, again). Although Amiibo fans are still legion, the craze seems to have died down a bit, either because Nintendo has been able to increase production or because the speculators have refocused on some other kind of collectibles.

That doesn’t mean the figures themselves have gone down in quality at all—the sixth wave might be the most consistently well-designed of the entire line. Let’s take a quick look at all six figures, as well as the three from the Retro 3-Pack.