Newly Unveiled Pan-Pan Seems Like the Perfect Game for a Lazy Afternoon

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Pan-Pan is a puzzle and exploration game that sees its hero trying to fix their spaceship after crash landing on an alien planet. The developers at Spelkraft and Might and Delight are focused on telling a unique story through the environment and puzzles. They’ve crafted a world that is beautiful yet tranquil.

pan pan.jpg

The game’s minimalist style is reminiscent of the beautiful mobile game Monument Valley. Also striking is Simon Viklund’s ambient soundtrack—Viklund has worked on games such as Payday 2.

Pan-Pan’s tranquil and relaxed nature makes it seem like the perfect experience for a lazy afternoon, a way to sit back and relax. It releases for PC via Steam on Aug. 24. Watch the reveal trailer below to see more of its beautiful world.