A New Perfect Dark Game Is in the Works

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A New <I>Perfect Dark</I> Game Is in the Works

On Thursday, The Initiative announced their first title since forming as a studio will be a reimagining of the original Perfect Dark. They even released a trailer for the game.

The trailer shows a view from space of a world drastically altered by climate change, with floods, hurricanes and wildfires ravaging the planet simultaneously. Corporations are said to have solved some of these problems, but are hiding how exactly they did so.

Zooming into a corporate building, the camera takes on the point of view of a drone buzzing through an office that is both on fire and being overrun by plant life. The drone works its way up to the roof, where a character by the name of Agent Dark says that she hasn’t found what she’s looking for — yet.

Perfect Dark, when it came out, was revolutionary. It did a lot of things that other games weren’t doing,” said Dan Neuburger, Game Director at The Initiative in an interview. “Things were very limited back when the original Perfect Dark came out in the way they could express a secret agent, both in gameplay and in narrative. Us, without those limitations, ideas just started sparking”

The first Perfect Dark game out for the Nintendo 64 in 2000 to critical acclaim. The Initiative did not announce a release date or window for the game.

You can check out the announcement trailer below.