PETA Tweeted About Elden Ring and People Aren’t Too Mad

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PETA Tweeted About <i>Elden Ring</i> and People Aren&#8217;t Too Mad

Sometimes Twitter is a Hell on Earth, a cesspool full of false arguments and terrible beliefs. Other times, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) tweet about Elden Ring and manage to teach something useful.

The organization isn’t particularly known for being liked, and are often called hypocrites for their own less than ideal treatment of animals. Perhaps one of the most derided parts of PETA is their infamous social campaigns, a prime example being their tone-deaf parody of the “got milk?” slogan called “got autism?”.

It’s extra surprising then that when PETA posted a video about the recently released Elden Ring, it actually wasn’t half bad.

Sure, angry people still flooded the comments—many were upset at the lack of awareness of the “dog meme”, where players call nearly all animals dogs for no real reason. The video itself was rather silly though, almost as if someone in the marketing department had the brilliant idea of making PETA’s ethics the butt of the joke.

The video implores players to “take their dogs on a lovely walk around the lake” while footage of the wildly aggressive animals attack without remorse. They also encourage players to “observe wildlife from a distance,” a laughable thought considering how antagonistic and deadly just about everything in The Lands Between is.

What makes this tweet special beyond the standard frustration people express about PETA is that it actually teaches you something about the gameplay. People were quick to point out that the video shows that you can parry a character on horseback to knock them off their majestic steed, something many players claimed to not know.

The video even ends with the reminder that even the in-game animals deserve your respect moments before a giant lobster swipes you up and kills you, as red text screaming “GO VEGAN” overlays the screen. It’s hard not to laugh at the sheer absurdity of the situation.