Battlegrounds Developer Spins off Into Its Own Company

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<i>Battlegrounds</i> Developer Spins off Into Its Own Company

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is pretty big, if you haven’t noticed. The battle royale game has popularized the genre to the point where we’re seeing similar games pop up now. In fact, the game is big enough that the team behind PUBG is turning into its own subsidiary, according to Gametoc (via Kotaku). Say hello to the PUBG Corporation.

Bluehole, the Korean-based developer behind PUBG, is reported to be worth $4.6 billion as a whole, and the developer explains the need to spin off the PUBG team is to “ensure responsiveness and efficiency” to current trends in the worldwide game market. What this means exactly, we do not know.

Of course, Battlegrounds technically isn’t even fully released yet, still being in an Early Access stage. With the team behind the game now their own company, one must wonder what other projects they may be cooking up—certainly not a PUBG sequel this early on, but for sure some new content (maps, weapons) and game modes. Whatever their plans may be, this announcement for expansion signals that they indeed have some big plans.

Battlegrounds is scheduled to reach its full release by the end of 2017, with Microsoft Studios publishing an Xbox One version.