PlayStation 5 System Update Crashes Online Multiplayer

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PlayStation 5 System Update Crashes Online Multiplayer

Earlier this morning, Sony pushed a system update for PlayStation 5 consoles. It apparently broke PlayStation Network’s online multiplayer functionality.

Many multiplayer games have been rendered unplayable by the crash, but it’s not entirely known why it happened in the first place. The update did make changes to the console’s online party chat, finally allowing for both open and closed parties. Open parties allow players to join their friends’ conversations without an invite, while closed ones require one.

Anyone trying to play multiplayer focused games will run into the messages that “connection to PlayStation Network has failed” or they “can’t connect to PlayStation Network.” This means that anyone expecting to play always online games like Gran Turismo 7 or Grand Theft Auto Online are going to have to find something else to do with their day.

The outage also affected the juggernaut that is Elden Ring, although fans thought the lack of online play was caused by an update released by From Software.

Thankfully for adventurers of the Lands Between, FromSoft did tweet that the servers are up and running again.