New Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer Is All About Evolutions

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Pokémon Sun and Moon’s latest trailer is all about evolutions, and really, that’s the most exciting part of a Pokémon game, right? Seeing your little buddies grow into mature, well-rounded adults who can crush anybody who crosses you.

Type: Null is basically a robot Pokémon cobbled together from disparate parts, and its evolution explains its odd name. When Null evolves it becomes Silvally, who is a Normal type like Null, but by giving Silvally certain items, you can change its type. It’ll have a special move called “Multi-Attack” that changes based on what type Silvally currently is. So Silvally is sort of like the Eevee evolutions, but for a trainer who’s not ready to commit to a type yet.

We also got look at Jangmo-o’s evolutions Hakamo-o and Kommo-O, who look like extra-scaly raptors. In the adorable department, there’s Bounsweet, who becomes Steenee and then Tsareena, who does flowery drop kicks like it’s no big deal. Then there’s the cute alternative to Beedrill, Cutiefly and Ribombee.

And lastly the Alola Forms of classic, Gen-1 Pokémon Grimer and Muk were revealed, looking like toxic sludge dipped in cotton candy.

You can see the full trailer embedded above. Pokémon Sun and Moon are getting a demo on Oct. 18, and releasing a month later on Nov. 18.