The Best Pokémon GO Fan Art

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The Best <i>Pokémon GO</i> Fan Art

Pokémon GO has been incredibly popular since it’s release, no dispute. But more than just popular, a fandom has developed around Pokémon GO incredibly quickly. This fandom, most visible on Tumblr, has produced an incredible body of work. In the beginning, it coalesced around the different teams, and when the team leaders were revealed, it gave the fandom characters to celebrate and create fan works of. Despite the competition for gyms that exists between the teams in-game, the fandom is remarkably positive and often portrays the leaders as close friends or a happy family.

These leaders are Candela, of Team Valor (FTW!), Blanche, of Team Mystic, and Spark, of Team Instinct. Despite how little information Pokémon GO gives us about the three team leaders, fans have developed a vast “fan canon” concerning these three, their personalities and how they relate to each other.

If you’ve had no exposure to the larger fandom, you might be amazed at how much the fandom has done to flesh out and expand upon Blanche, Candela and Spark. It’s remarkable, given so little in-game clues to their personality, that the fandom has turned them into fully developed characters. The fandom is an extension of the ways Pokémon GO has brought people together through its social gameplay, only instead of gathering around a PokéStop, these fans have gathered around Blanche, Candela and Spark. This gallery explores the amazing, beautiful and often hilarious fan art of these three as well as how the fandom understands them.

Every work of fan art in this gallery has a link to the artist alongside it and has been included with the explicit permission of the artist.