Celebrate National Pokemon Day With New Offerings From The Pokemon Company

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Celebrate National Pokemon Day With New Offerings From The Pokemon Company

Pocket monster fans, rejoice. Today, Tuesday, Feb. 27, is National Pokemon Day. Yes, the acclaimed introductory RPG series celebrates the 22nd anniversary of its Japanese release today and The Pokemon Company has every fan covered with bountiful new offerings to help them celebrate.

For fans of the long-running film franchise, Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You!, the latest full-length animated installment in the series, will be available for the first time online at Pokemon.TV for free for one week, starting today.

Snapchat fans will get to utilize the first of three Pokemon-themed Snapchat lenses for a limited time. The Bulbasaur lens will release on Tuesday, followed by Charmander and Squirtle at later dates.

Those of you wanting something a bit more permanent that other fans can admire are covered, as well. Last year’s Pokemon Day celebration saw the launch of the Pokemon Gallery Figures, and this year the Pokemon Center is releasing its first figure in a new collection called Pokemon Gallery Figure DX. The new displayable figures will be larger in size, and the first of the collection, a fire-blazing Charizard, will be released for National Pokemon Day. The Pokemon Center will also release new legendary Pokemon pins featuring Dialga and Palkia.

The most exciting of the offerings center around series stalwart Pikachu. Not only will Pokemon Go players be able to catch a special celebratory Pikachu, made distinct by their striped purple hat and Present move, but fans will be able to have a conversation with the electric cutie through their Amazon Alexa or Google Home with Pikachu Talk. It’s the best way to interact with an international superstar and get the answer to every burning question we’ve wanted to ask the franchise’s mascot.

All in all, The Pokemon Company has something for every fan of the series, which shows no sign of stopping, making this year’s celebration of National Pokemon Day the most expansive yet. No matter how you celebrate, though, there’s a large community that will be doing so right alongside you.

Find out more about this year’s National Pokemon Day offerings here.