Prey Gameplay Revealed

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At QuakeCon 2016 in Dallas this weekend, Bethesda debuted Prey’s gameplay. Revealed at their E3 2016 press conference, Prey is being developed by Arkane Studios (Dishonored). It centers on Morgan Yu trying to cleanse the space station Talos 1 of a vicious alien presence.

“I keep having this dream. I’m just staring into the black between the stars. There’s something there, I know there is,” Morgan says in the new gameplay trailer.

The new trailer shows off gunplay, the black, amorphous aliens and the cramped quarters of Talos 1. At QuakeCon, Arkane devs Raphael Colantonio and Ricardo Bare discussed gameplay specifics. One alien in particular, the Mimic, is able to transform into almost any inanimate object on Talos 1, from a coffee cup to an ammo pack, Polygon reports.

As the game progresses, Morgan will gain access to new abilities, either through science and tech or from the aliens themselves. Morgan will actually also be able to transform into inanimate objects themself, to either hide from enemies or get through tight spaces. This and other upgrades are known as Neuromods. Neuromods will grant Morgan entirely new powers. A kinetic blast ability and the ability to levitate and throw objects were shown at QuakeCon.

Arkane Studios seems to be taking what they learned about systems-based gameplay and player choice in Dishonored and expanding it outwards for Prey. You can watch the gameplay trailer below, which also reveals that Prey is releasing next year. And although the trailer is narrated by a man, you will be able to choose to play as a woman in Prey.