Ranking Every Far Cry Game

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Ranking Every <i>Far Cry</i> Game

Today’s release of Far Cry Primal will let you experience that patented Ubisoft open world action in a new way, dialing it back 12000 years to the early Neolithic. Machine guns and jeeps are out of the picture, elegantly swapped out for bows and mammoths. It’s the tenth (more or less) Far Cry game since 2004, and perhaps the biggest break from the tried-and-true formula of the past. It’s still recognizably a Far Cry game, though, for better or worse. It’s time to flip through the history book and relive all of these games, ranking them from the worst (and, uh, most racist) to the best. Hopefully we can make it through without any bear and/or badger attacks distracting us.