Ranking Every Heroes of the Storm Map

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Ranking Every <i>Heroes of the Storm</i> Map

Heroes of the Storm actively throws several MOBA conventions out the window, and this includes the genre’s slavish devotion to perfection. Other games carefully balance a single map, pruning its edges for balance and giving it a makeover when necessary. Heroes has ten maps, each with different ways to tackle the main objective of destroying an opponent’s Core structure. These maps, with their borrowed and patchwork aesthetics, tie into Heroes’ philosophy about fun over discipline; the game is a theme park, and its maps are the rides.

I had a much harder time ranking the maps in Hereos than I did its heroes; almost all of them have left me with memories of intense games where capturing an objective lead to a victory I shouldn’t have had. They all have this great way of making victory feel righteous, and their friendliness dulls the sense of defeat. These rankings are based on fun, not balance, and I think we’re all better off thinking about Heroes and MOBAs as a whole that way.

Suriel Vazquez is a freelance writer who knows he can handle loving two MOBAs at once. He has a lot of love to give. He’s written for Paste, Kill Screen, ZAM, GamesBeat, and many others. You can follow him on Twitter.