Ranking Every Resident Evil Game

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Ranking Every <i>Resident Evil</i> Game

Throughout its 20-year history, Resident Evil has retained an endearing quality. Like the campy B-movies it cribs from, even when it’s bad it’s kind of good. It’s not the most consistent series, but it frequently shows enough flashes of brilliance that you can’t help but follow along with it, trying to figure out just how this whole virus thing started and why Albert Wesker is such a jerk. I may not always like the games themselves, but I will always root for the series as a whole. And that’s because whether it’s as a thrill ride or a trainwreck, you usually get something out of playing a Resident Evil game.

Between all the zombies, viruses, Nemeses, evil corporations and right hands that come off, there’s a lot of Resident Evil to wade through, but we managed to rank every game in the franchise from worst to best.