Watch the Rush Pinball Machine in Action in Two New Trailers

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Watch the Rush Pinball Machine in Action in Two New Trailers

Remember that Rush pinball machine we wrote about last week? Stern has unveiled a detailed trailer that finally gives us a good look at the machine itself, as well as its various features and game modes. If you’re a fan of Canada’s greatest power trio, you’ll probably want to take a look.

Of course it has a soundtrack full of Rush classics, and an art design that references various songs and albums. The Rush theme extends to some of the tricks and goals found in the game itself, though, and that’s what makes this trailer important. You can actually get an idea of how the game itself will play.

In typical Stern fashion, the machine comes in three varieties, the Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition. Premium and LE models generally feature the same layout and game features, but with some unique cosmetic upgrades on the LE edition. The trailer below focuses on the Premium and LE models, which retail for $8,999 and $11,099, respectively. It comes with Stern’s new Insider Connected digital system ecosystem already installed, making it easy for players to track and share their performances. Dead center at the top of the playfield is a toy themed to the band’s 2011 Time Machine tour; launch a few balls up the ramp and into that machine to unlock Time Machine Multiball. On the left side of the playfield is a clock based on Neal Peart’s bass drumhead and themed to the album Clockwork Angels. Expect various other gameplay gimmicks with a Rush overlay throughout, as well as original concert footage and newly recorded speech from Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and, uh, Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies, for some reason.

Stern also released a separate trailer for the Pro edition, which retails for $6,899. Pro models are usually missing a few of the bells and whistles you’ll find in the Premium and LE machines, and in Rush’s case that means you won’t find that Clockwork Angels clock on the Pro playfield. There are a few other changes as well, but it still features the soundtrack, some of the originally recorded lines from the band members, and some of the concert footage. If you’re a hardcore Rush fan or pin collector, you might want to splurge for the Premium or LE, but if you’re an operator or just a pinball fan looking for a new machine, the Pro should be good enough for you. You can find more information on the Rush pinball machine, along with the rest of Stern’s lineup, over at Stern’s official website.