Street Fighter V Collector's Edition Unboxing Video

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Somebody sent us the Street Fighter V collector's edition, so we took it out of its box. And videotaped that, for some reason? Eh. We won't make a habit of this.

The Collector's Edition comes with a Ryu statue, a Comixology code for four free Street Fighter comics (including one about Charlie Nash, one of the new characters from Street Fighter V), a small hardcover Design Collection book with concept art for all Street Fighter V characters, and a download for the Street Fighter V Digital Soundtrack Sampler. Oh, and a Playstation 4 copy of the game, of course.

The big hardbound Street Fighter V Collector's Edition Guide is sold separately, but you can catch a quick glimpse of its front and back covers in this video, too.

Street Fighter V is out today for Playstation 4 and PC.