SNES Classic Micro Console Preorders to Open This Month

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SNES Classic Micro Console Preorders to Open This Month

Nintendo’s next micro-console, the SNES Classic, is already projected to be a huge hit—so much so that the gaming company put out a public post today announcing that preorders for the palm-sized system will go live later this month.

Announced via Facebook, the post says the Super Nintendo Classic system will have preorders open soon, and additional shipments of the systems will be made available on launch day.

SNES Classic Post By Nintendo.PNG

The post comes a week after a glitch in Wal-Mart’s website made the system appear for a short time. But even with the preemptive “don’t worry, we got you” post from Nintendo, it’s not unlikely that we’ll still see shortages of the SNES Classic this year. Nintendo has a rough history with supply and demand, with its most recent shortages seen in June regarding Switch consoles in Japan.

The SNES Classic is due out on Sept. 29 featuring 21 classic Nintendo titles, including the never-before-released Star Fox 2. It will retail for $79.99.