Shadow the Hedgehog Brings His Edge to Sonic Forces as Playable DLC

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Shadow the Hedgehog Brings His Edge to <i>Sonic Forces</i> as Playable DLC

Sonic the Hedgehog rival and noted edgelord Shadow the Hedgehog will be playable in the blue blur’s new game, Sonic Forces. Through free downloadable content titled “Episode Shadow,” players will control the edgy and emotionally damaged hedgehog through three platforming stages that depict events before the game, detailing how Shadow joined the not-as-edgy villains of Sonic Forces. The gameplay is reminiscent of the high-octane, boosting and homing attack-focused “Modern Sonic” portions of the game.

It’s not exactly a full-blown sequel to the very edgy Shadow the Hedgehog spin-off game, in which Shadow reached maximum edge by holding a gun. Fans will also remember edgy Shadow saying some edgy curse words, such as “damn” and “hell” (sorry, we mean the d-word and the h-word). Perhaps in Episode Shadow, our edgy anti-hero will have matured and graduated to words such as “whippersnapper” and “malarkey.”

Sega released a brief gameplay video, which you can see below. Unfortunately, Sonic Forces doesn’t appear to feature any edgy gunplay, but from the sounds of it, we’ll get plenty of edgy rock vocals in the background. Sonic Forces will edge its way to stores and digital on Nov. 7.