Bandai Namco Reveals the Return of Cervantes in Soul Calibur VI

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Bandai Namco Reveals the Return of Cervantes in <i>Soul Calibur VI</i>

On Wednesday morning, Bandai Namco officially revealed the return of Cervantes de León in Soulcalibur VI.

This actually doesn’t come as much of a surprise to fans who have kept up with news on the forthcoming title: Cervantes and another series staple character, Raphael, were leaked at the beginning of September. Images and a now-taken-down gameplay video on YouTube (with a backup over at Bilibili) of Cervantes and Raphael were leaked from a playable build at a recent fighting game tournament in Melbourne, Australia. Bandai Namco has officially revealed only Cervantes.

The ghost pirate made his first appearance as the main antagonist of Soul Edge, and has appeared in the roster of all the previous Soulcalibur games. Watch his character reveal trailer below.