Someone Extracted the Star Fox 2 ROM From the SNES Classic

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Someone Extracted the <i>Star Fox 2</i> ROM From the SNES Classic

Anyone in the know about Nintendo’s doings is not only aware that the SNES Classic Edition is out as of today, but that it is also really difficult to obtain. While Nintendo promises that they’ll reach demand, Nintendo fans are still skeptical, and are seeking ways to play the lost Holy Grail that is the unreleased Star Fox 2 without the microconsole. Not even a day into the product’s launch, and one person has already achieved this.

It’s not an easy solution at all, but one Redditor acquired a ROM of Star Fox 2 running on an actual, authentic Super Nintendo. /u/s3phir0th115 shares on their Reddit post as a comment:

To answer questions about the setup:
1. It’s the dev cart I posted earlier. I flashed a 27c160 EPROM with the rom extracted from a SNES Classic.
2. That’s a RGB modded SNES Jr hooked up to a framemeister via RGB, hence the HD.
3. If you didn’t see the other post, here’s what the dev cart board looks like:
4. It’s a SuperFX 2 dev cart.
5. Here’s a video of someone else’s of it running, in his case a SuperFX 1.

I’m not going to share the rom, I just wanted to give the good news that it does run.

While the user states that they won’t share the ROM (this would be a violation of the subreddit’s rules), it has indeed made its way onto the web for curious Nintendo fans to find.

None of this is particularly surprising—the NES Classic was infamously super easy to hack, and because Nintendo doesn’t seem to learn from the past, the SNES Classic uses the same internal hardware, allowing for the same exploits to be applied to it.

Check out the video of someone using the ROM on a proper SNES embedded below, and check out our thoughts on the SNES Classic right here.