Thrilling Cinematic Short Sets the Stakes for Star Wars: Squadrons

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Thrilling Cinematic Short Sets the Stakes for <I>Star Wars: Squadrons</I>

The future of the Star Wars movies might be uncertain, but you can get your cinematic Star Wars fix from the new CG short for Star Wars: Squadrons. The newly released short, Hunted, premiered on Monday ahead of the Oct. 2 release date for the game.

The trailer puts the viewer right into a dogfight between Rebel Alliance and Empire forces at imperial dockyards above the planet Var-Shaa. TIE fighters close in on the Rebel flagship when their squad leader receives a transmission that their station has been lost, and it’s time to retreat.

Not satisfied with leaving a TIE fighter behind, the squad leader ignores the retreat order to save a struggling comrade. This proves to be a mistake, as the struggling TIE fighter meets their end and the squad leader is abandoned when their commanding star destroyer enters hyperspace without them.

Forced to hide amongst wreckage in his badly damaged TIE fighter, the squad leader is discovered by a lone X-wing pilot. Missing their initial shot, the TIE fighter makes a break for the planet and plunges through the atmosphere.

What ensues after is a gorgeous fight that is more than worth the seven minute investment. Check it out below.

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