Capcom Announces Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Will Be Free for Current Players

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Capcom Announces <i>Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition</i>, Will Be Free for Current Players

Water is wet, grass is green and new versions of Street Fighter games are inevitable. Capcom today announced an updated Arcade Edition of the most recent installment, Street Fighter V. This version will come with new modes, moves and a redesigned User Interface.

The Arcade Edition comes with all of the content from the original SFV game, and includes the following additional content:

– Arcade Mode
– Extra Battle Mode
– New V-trigger moves
– Gallery
– New User Interface
– Season 1 DLC characters
– Season 2 DLC characters

Save for the DLC characters, all of this content will be free for existing Street Fighter V players in a future update. And the communities will be far from fractured, with players of both the original and Arcade Edition playing online together, regardless of what platform they are on.

Arcade Mode will have players choosing from six different paths, taking on CPU opponents and ultimately unlocking one of several possible character endings based on performance. Extra Battle Mode consists of several time-exclusive challenges rotating each month, allowing players to put their Fight Money at stake for a chance to win special costumes for their characters.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is punching its way to Playstation 4 and Windows PC (digital only) on Jan. 16, 2018. Sorry Xbox One owners, still no Hadoukens for you.