Popular Let's Play Channel Super Best Friends Suddenly Disbands

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Popular Let's Play Channel Super Best Friends Suddenly Disbands

You’d be hard pressed to find a Let’s Play channel that mocks Quantic Dream games as much as Super Best Friends. For the last seven years, the channel has provided plenty of amusement to its dedicated and loyal fanbase. Sadly, the channel has abruptly disbanded.

The announcement is incredibly unexpected, seeing as how the channel had been uploading a series of videos in the last few days, namely of a play-through of Kingdom Hearts. The reasons for the dissolution are disappointing, yet nothing out of the ordinary.

The channel used to consist of four friends—Matthew Kowalewski, Patrick Boivin, Woolie Madden and Liam Allen-Miller—with the latter leaving several years ago to pursue individual opportunities. Now, the channel as a whole will be disbanding because Kowalewski and Boivin are simply no longer friends. This has naturally affected their business relationship and, well, their contributions to a channel named Super Best Friends.

Fans have noted that there seemed to be a rift between Kowalewski and Boivin in recent weeks, but are nonetheless surprised to see that the differences seem irreconcilable for now. In their last video, Kowalewski, Boivin and Madden give their individual thoughts regarding the news, and thank their fans for all the support they’ve given the channel over the years.

The channel’s videos will remain up, allowing viewers to rewatch and relive all the hilarious moments the Super Best Friends gave their fans. You can watch their final video below.