Super Mario Odyssey Allows Mario to Wear Peach's Wedding Dress via Amiibo

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<i>Super Mario Odyssey</i> Allows Mario to Wear Peach's Wedding Dress via Amiibo

As we move closer to the release of Super Mario Odyssey, we are learning much about the titular plumber. Well, first off, he is no longer a plumber. And it turns out that for years now, he’s been punching poor Yoshi in the head. Finally, upon removing his iconic overalls and shirt, we find that Mario indeed has nipples. Mario does whatever the hell he wants, really—including donning the quite pretty wedding dress of Princess Peach.

This costume for Mario can be unlocked via the Bride Peach amiibo, which will release alongside the game and other Odyssey figures. The back of the amiibo box was first spotted in a video by YouTuber FamilyGamerTV:

We’re not judging here—we can’t tell Mario what he can or cannot wear. If the man can run around half naked, then a wedding dress is probably fair game, as well. It even appears as though Mario is wearing Peach’s blue earrings. Are they the best fit for him? You be the judge.

If you’re worried about this amazing feature being locked behind an amiibo, worry not. Nintendo confirms that these items and bonuses can also be unlocked in-game. Be sure to check it all out for yourself when Super Mario Odyssey and the Wedding Mario, Wedding Peach and Wedding Bowser amiibo release on Oct. 27. Meanwhile, be sure to watch this bangin’ musical trailer for the game here.