Players Say Gamestop Has Sold Copies of Surviving Mars Prior to Its Release Date

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Players Say Gamestop Has Sold Copies of <i>Surviving Mars</i> Prior to Its Release Date

Paradox Interactive, makers of prolific 4X strategy and city builder games such as Stellaris and Cities Skylines, have a new sci-fi city builder, Surviving Mars, set for release on Thursday, March 15. The game has generated plenty of excitement, but it seems like some players are getting a jump start on satiating their anticipation. Copies of the game for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 appear to have hit store shelves at multiple GameStop locations at least four days ahead of its advertised release date.

On Sunday, multiple users on Reddit posted that they were in possession of copies of the game, with at least one reportedly being purchased from a GameStop location. The game is also confirmed to be on store shelves and available for purchase at multiple GameStop locations in California and Pennsylvania. GameStop isn’t the only retailer who appears to have broken street date for the game’s sale: A Swiss location of Germany-based retailer Media Markt also has the game available for purchase.

It isn’t known if GameStop and other retailers as a whole have decided to sell the game early or if the decision was made on a store-by-store basis, but none of the three editions of Surviving Mars include a perk or pre-order bonus that allows players early access to the game. The title’s Steam page still has the game locked behind its March 15 release date.

Players that were able to get their hands on the discs say they are currently able to install and play the full game. At least Paradox can take solace in the fact that the early birds are enjoying their time constructing their own personal space colonies on the Red Planet.

Paste has reached out to both GameStop and Paradox Interactive for comment, and will update the story accordingly if either respond.