Team Fortress 2 Gets an Update With Jungle Inferno Event

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<i>Team Fortress 2</i> Gets an Update With Jungle Inferno Event

Hey, remember Team Fortress 2? You know, that videogame that’s like Overwatch, but before Overwatch was even a thing? In case you haven’t remembered it, at least Valve has, announcing an update for its now 10-year-old objective-based shooter. Titled the “Jungle Inferno” update, the game will now feature some jungle-based maps and yeti-themed emotes. You know, yetis—the ones that you see in the jungle.

In typical TF2 fashion, Valve will release bits and pieces of information every day of the week—day one of the update detailed the new Mercenary Park environment, a Jurassic Park-esque three control point map built by TF2 character and eternally shirtless manly Australian Saxton Hale. Additionally, five maps created by community members will be included, those being: Banana Bay (Payload Race), Brazil (King of the Hill), Enclosure (Payload), Lazarus (King of the Hill) and Mossrock (Attack/Defend).

It’s been a while since we were graced with a hilarious TF2 short, and a new one has been spawned as a result of this event (seen below). Expect the update to roll out by the end of the week, after all details are announced on Valve’s website.