Question Reveal New Co-Op Horror Game The Blackout Club

The studio is led by senior Bioshock and Dishonored devs

Games News The Blackout Club
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Question Reveal New Co-Op Horror Game <i>The Blackout Club</i>

The development dream team at Question have revealed their latest creation, The Blackout Club.

Touted as a cooperative paranormal horror game, the studio’s second game places players in the shoes of a group of small-town teens who have been experiencing mysterious blackouts—sometimes lasting for multiple days—and memory loss. After none of the adults in town show concern following the disappearance of one of their friends, the crew band together to investigate to uncover what their sleepy little town is hiding, uncovering a conspiracy along the way that stretches throughout the town and the population that lies underneath it.

The game is a product of the creative director and lead writer of Bioshock 2, the senior gameplay programmer of Dishonored and the lead effects artist of Bioshock Infinite, and maintains the unique voice and development Question established with its first game, The Magic Circle.

The rebellious teens are charged with getting evidence of the conspiracy on camera in order to expose it to the world, but that task won’t be easy. Up to four players will have to work together to sneak out of their homes and conduct surveillance missions while working through procedurally generated enemy encounters, variable objectives and loot drops in an effort to find their missing friend and blow the lid off of the ominous nature of their town.

Surviving the night won’t be a walk in the park, though, as players will have to deal with sleepwalking adults, whom they may or may not recognize, hellbent on dragging the teens underground. The last player left standing will be forced to contend with an ever-pursuing entity that cannot be seen with open eyes. Whether utilizing drones to collect evidence or building traps to combat the town’s forces, players will take on unique roles during missions and try to survive missions in order to level up and unlock new abilities at their hideout afterward.

The game is designed to encourage planning and improvisation equally, keeping players on their toes and inspiring an emergent gameplay experience within the confines of a cooperative environment. You never know what tactics and diversions a formidable collection of minds can conjure when facing the unknowable. “We love expressive systems, where you shape the game experience as you see fit, often versus a whole ecosystem of intelligent threats. And now, they’re right next door—in a familiar, modern town, where the monster wears a human face,” said Question Co-Founder Jordan Thomas.

“In The Blackout Club, the horror genre comes home … we can’t wait for you to meet it,” Thomas added.

The Blackout Club will launch in early 2019. Check out the trailer, and prepare for what lies both above and below.