All The Korok Seeds from Breath of the Wild Have Been Found—And The Reward Is Pretty Crappy

Games News The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
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All The Korok Seeds from <i>Breath of the Wild</i> Have Been Found&#8212;And The Reward Is Pretty Crappy

The thing about collectibles in open world videogames is, they’re busy work disguised as “lore building” and a transparent shortcut to invoking the player’s motivation to explore. That being said, aren’t the Koroks in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild just adorable? You’ve probably been plugging away collecting their seeds for awhile now and are starting to get curious about how many there are, and what reward you get for getting all of them.

Well, one intrepid Reddit user named xFateAwaitsx has put in almost two hundred hours on Breath of the Wild and finally got every single last Korok seed. Guess how many there are? 900! And guess what your reward is? Poop! That’s right, a big hunking pile of turd. At least, that’s what it looks like in the menu. It has the suspicious soft-serve swirl of most cutesy depictions of excrement and it apparently “smells” too. Draw your own conclusions.

All 900 Korok Seeds Reward.jpg

xFateAwaitsx even has video of this momentous event over on Twitter. In it, Hetsu, the king of all Korok seeds apparently, offers to let Link return any time he wants to watch him dance. How nice for the Hero of Time. There’s no hint as to what this piece of dung might possibly do (haha doo) but at least he got to meet a literal party pooper.