How To Do Your Makeup Like Breath of the Wild's Great Fairy

Games Galleries The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
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How To Do Your Makeup Like <i>Breath of the Wild</i>'s Great Fairy

I love makeup. Well, I love the idea of makeup. It’s fun, it facilitates creative self expressive, and it covers up the dark circles under my eyes after a long night of gaming. While a lot of the things I buy sit in my bathroom and collect dust, I keep it around on the off-chance that one day I’ll get the courage to actually wear it, daydreaming of teal lips and glitter encrusted winged eyeliner.

In that sense, I admire the bold, colorful looks of the Great Fairies in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Despite the constantly changing weather conditions and spending much of their time underwater, they put in the work and bring home the glamor every day, and a great attitude, too. Nintendo could make a killing off of Great Fairy makeup kits and I would be first in line to buy one. Wondering what products to use to recreate these looks yourself? I have some suggestions in the eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, and nail polish departments. Check out our gallery to see what I found.