The Untitled Goose Game Goose Becomes a Muppet, Beaker Enters the Game, It's All Just Chaos Now

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The <i>Untitled Goose Game</i> Goose Becomes a Muppet, Beaker Enters the Game, It's All Just Chaos Now

Oh, hey: some Muppets did an internet thing last night.

Have you ever wished Untitled Goose Game was real? Sadly, geese, like goombas, koopas and Luigis, are entirely fictional, a mere figment of the imagination of the designers at House House. No, you will never, ever meet a goose in this, the real world we call our home. Fortunately the masters of felt behind the Muppets have turned our dreams into a reality, albeit a temporary and unattainable one for most of us. Yes, last night the goose of Untitled Goose Game pecked through the barriers dividing fact from fiction, and manifested itself on the material realm in Muppet form. And not only did the goose exist, but it interacted with two of the most beloved Muppets, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his perennially beleaguered assistant Beaker.

What happens when an animated videogame goose meets a pair of decades-old science puppets on the internet? What happens when one of those puppets likewise crosses through the veil and finds itself in a dimension in which it does not belong? What happens when an “award” nominally dedicated towards recognizing agents of social change is presented by Muppets instead of, I don’t know, anything even slightly more mindful and respectful? Check out the clip below for the answers to these and every other possible question you might’ve ever had in your entire life.