Things Get Dramatic in the New Sims 4: Stories Trailer

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The newest Sims 4: Stories trailer is a far cry from the love story we got back in June. These Sims are angry, disgusted and vulnerable to death by cow-plant.

But let’s back up. EA’s Rachel Franklin opened up two weeks ago about features removed from the new game, such as the toddler stage and the existence of swimming pools. The increased emotional capability of each Sim, she said, would give us a whole new feeling of gameplay. Toddler stage is replaced by more meaningful interactions (Sims can talk in groups now!) and pools were put aside for a more user-friendly build mode.

The really cool features lie in the characters. This trailer gives us a glimpse of the emotional reactions Franklin talked about. “No more looking at the UI to figure out how your Sims are feeling – just look at their faces, posture, movements,” she wrote. “That’s where you’ll see about 320 new emotion-based animations, as well as over 600 reactions to objects.” You’ll be able to customize their walk, their talk, their Sim swagger.