This Recreation of the Fresh Prince Theme in Grand Theft Auto V is Perfect

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Who would’ve thought that in 2015, we would be blessed with the resources to recreate iconic ‘90s sitcom theme songs in one of the most violent videogame franchises of all time?

Apparently a YouTuber named Merfish thought so, and he’s been doing just that on a regular basis with the video editing software available on the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. Having already recreated the theme songs for Franklin, Arthur and Full House, Merfish recently graced us with his newest masterpiece: a frame-by-frame reconstruction of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, rechristened The Fresh Prince of Rockford Hills.

The new song stars Michael Clinton in place of Will Smith. Demonstrating his allegiance to the beloved TV show, Merfish even used the extended version of the theme song (you know, the one with the “drinkin’ orange juice out of a champagne glass” line). The minor glitches only add to the hilarity. There’s just one difference: instead of hopping out of the cab and moseying on up to Uncle Phil’s house right away, Clinton murders the cabbie first. He then proceeds to do the exact same thing to Uncle Phil’s mansion with a rocket launcher. Call it artistic liberty.

You can watch The Fresh Prince of Rockford Hills above, as well as a comparison with the original below.