Eidos Shows off Shadow of the Tomb Raider's Death-Defying Traversal, Beautiful Jungles in New Trailers

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Eidos Shows off <i>Shadow of the Tomb Raider</i>'s Death-Defying Traversal, Beautiful Jungles in New Trailers

With Shadow of the Tomb Raider “going gold,” which is the videogame term for games that have finished development, developer Eidos Montreal has graced fans with two new trailers.

The first trailer, “Treacherous Traversal,” which dropped last week, features all the new ways that Lara can interact with and make her way through the environment. This trailer showcases what is perhaps the game’s biggest update: the evolution of the platforming. You can see that Lara can interact with more objects in the environment. Meanwhile, players will encounter more familiar obstacles like collapsing environments and moving platforms. Luckily, pieces of gear like the grappling rope and climbing axe return to give Lara and players a fighting chance.

The “A Stunning World” trailer, released Tuesday, gives a better look at the beautiful jungles and vast caverns of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Much of the environment is similar to the previous entries in the new Tomb Raider franchise. However, Shadow of the Tomb Raider seems to be doubling down on the sense of scale in this uncharted territory. Areas look more open than before, and much of the new environment looks to be inspired by Mayan culture.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is scheduled to release on Sep. 12. Those who preorder the Digital Deluxe, Croft Edition or the Ultimate Edition will receive Early Access, which allows them to play the game 48 hours earlier.

A season pass is available for the game, as well, detailed as follows:

The Season Pass delivers seven new adventures called “Paths”, with each Path including new narrative, new missions, a Challenge Tomb, a new weapon, a new outfit and a new skill – one of each will be exclusive to the Season Pass! Some of the Challenge Tombs will also feature our new co-op functionality. Finally, Season Pass owners will receive their exclusive weapon and outfit on Day One!

Watch the latest trailers for Shadow of the Tomb Raider below.