Life Is Strange and Vampyr Developers Announce New Game Twin Mirror

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<i>Life Is Strange</i> and <i>Vampyr</i> Developers Announce New Game <i>Twin Mirror</i>

French videogame developer Dontnod announced their latest project Twin Mirror Friday, dropping a spellbinding trailer for the new psychological thriller. Twin Mirror follows Sam, an investigative journalist, after he wakes up covered in blood and must probe the recesses of his memory to understand what happened.

Dontnod, who just released Vampyr this week, established itself with the 2015 surprise hit Life Is Strange. That game had similar supernatural themes, as protagonist Max discovers she can change the future and tries to prevent a murder. Twin Mirror may trade in similar themes, but it looks like the upcoming game takes an interesting journey into the protagonist’s psyche, constructing mind and memory as worlds all their own.

The game is slated to launch in 2019. Of course, we can’t help but join the chorus of YouTube commenters who are wondering, “OK, but what’s happening with Life Is Strange 2?”